Vitamins is a design and invention studio based in London.

We work in the spaces between science, technology, business and wonder.

Companies come to us to get our unique perspective on people, products, technologies, and to discover new opportunities.

Over the past few years we have worked with Samsung, Nokia, Burton, the BBC and many other amazing companies.

Vitamins was founded by Duncan Fitzsimons, Clara Gaggero and Adrian Westaway in 2007, that’s us on the left. Scroll on to read a little more about the things we’ve done.

Photos: Colin ross

“Clara Gaggero is one of the brightest, most genuine young talents in design today.
She has a sincerity that is so rare in combination with her fascination of materials, technology and culture.”

Ross Lovegrove

Clara Gaggero is in charge of design and research at Vitamins.

She trained as an Industrial Designer at the Institute of Technology in Turin, ran her own fashion label for 3 years in Berlin before coming to London where she studied Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College and Industrial Design Engineering at the Royal College of Art.

Clara was born in a small village lost in the mountains of Italy. She grew up between her mother’s fashion shop and her father’s mechanical factory, playing with textiles, sequins, metals and mechanisms from an

early age. She is fascinated by industrial production and manufacturing processes, along with materials and fashion.

Before founding Vitamins, Clara worked at the BBC Innovation Unit, and spent 2 years investigating the relationship between technology and people, as a Research Associate at the RCA’s Helen Hamlyn Centre, winning many awards for her pioneering user centered design process, amongst them the Futurelab Innovate to Educate Award, the Helen Hamlyn Award for Creativity, the Future Foundation Award for Inclusive Design Process, an IDEA Award and the Help the Aged Award for Independent Living.


“I understand Duncan is a very driven, intelligent, charming character”

Sir James Dyson




Duncan Fitzsimons heads up invention and ergonomics at Vitamins.

He trained as a Mechanical Engineer and Designer at the University of Bath, Royal College of Art and Imperial College, London, and often draws from his past work in the department of Cognitive Ergonomics at Renault automotive.

Duncan is happiest in one of two places; in the workshop making an idea into a reality or in an auditorium speaking about the psychology behind people using products and technology.

As such his work often combines a unique combination physical and mechanical design alongside an in depth understanding of the human interactions involved.
Duncan was the James Dyson Innovation Fellow in 2010 and his work has seen him as a finalist in the Saatchi & Saatchi World Changing Ideas Award as well as being selected as one of Wallpaper* magazines 10 Designs for 2010. Duncan is the creator of the foldable wheelchair wheel, a patented and licensed design, and is often described by Clara as the “structural poet” of Vitamins!

“One of the qualities of Adrian’s work is the simplicity and ease of use of the products, which make them appealing to a broad range of individuals.”

Deyan Sudjic, Director, Design Museum


Adrian Westaway is in charge of technology and magic at Vitamins.

Adrian has a Masters in Electronic Engineering from Bristol University along with an MA in Industrial Design, from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. He teaches at Queen Mary University of London and Goldsmiths, and is also a Member of the Magic Circle.

His work combines his background in electronics and magic (Adrian has trained as a professional magician) in the field of design. In 2007 he patented the Magic Light, a system to magically move spotlight beams using nothing but hand gestures.

The project has taken him to consulting with many of the major lighting brands worldwide, as well as gaining him the James Dyson Innovation Fellowship in 2007, Residency at the Design Museum in 2009 and the Royal Commission of 1851 Fellowship in 2010.

Previously he worked as a consultant inventor for a US television series in Peru, Mexico and California. He has worked with artists collective Greyworld and consulted for the BBC as well for consumer electronics brands including Samsung and Nokia, work which has taken him everywhere from Seoul to Vermont to Vienna – always with a pack of cards in his back pocket.